Themes (aka website template or skin) is where the overall look and feel of the website is managed. The theme is responsible for establishing your site's:

  • Top Nav Style
  • Fonts (family, color, sizes)
  • Background color
  • Spacings
  • Form Styles
  • Footer
  • Responsive Functionality (Mobile view)

In SonicJs, not only do you have full control of your site's theme, but you can make many basic visual adjustments from the site settings without having to alter the html or css code.

Currently SonicJs supported Bootstrap 4 and 5 based themes. In the near future, Material UI will also be supported in an upcoming release.

SonicJs by default uses our own "Dashcore" theme. Dashcore is the theme used here on There is also a vanilla Boostrap 5 theme and a couple other that can be used as-is or as a starting point for your own custom theme.

It is very easy to take an existing Bootstrap theme and convert it to be compatible with SonicJs. Please see the theme section in the developers guide for more details.

The long term vision with SonicJs is to have a few bases themes that are highly configurable using a visual editor. This will also non-designers to be able to generate great looking websites without need to alter html css. For designers, SonicJs will continue to support manually editing your theme's html/css in your favorite IDE.