Modules (aka Plugins or Extension in other CMS) are components used to extend SonicJs and show content in the columns of your pages. Modules are very powerful in SonicJs due to their ability to modify core functionality and the functionality of other modules. 

Most CMS, even highly priced commercial systems, often treat modules as "bolt-ons" meaning that they sit on top of your CMS add can add functionality. Of coarse they also have the ability to perform basic operations via an API, but they are almost always very limited in their ability to modify the core functionality of the CMS. More-over, a module's ability to extend another module is typically non-existent or very limited.

SonicJs is different. SonicJs was built from the ground up to construct a light-weight core with many integration points, allowing modules to tweak and override very specific system functions as well as functions built in other modules. See the module section in the developer docs for more info.

Modules List

SonicJs comes with loads of modules out of the box and has new ones added by the core team every month. Below is a list of modules and their associated description below.


Adds an alert section to the specified column


Adds integration with Amplitude, a popular digital optimization platform that helps you optimize your website for user conversions. 


Create blog posts with title, body and images (images can be automatically resized). Mange tags and categories. Select from various blog post listing option layouts. Allow users to search from blog posts and filter by tag.


Simple button, great for links and call to actions. You can set the text, style and link.

Code Snippet

Allows you to show code blocks on your pages.


Adds a simple commenting solutions to your pages


A module for comparing content, such as products or services. It generates an easy to read responsive matrix.


A contact form for you site. The fields are 100% editable using SonicJs' form builder. The confirmation email is configurable and allows tokens for personalization. 


An FAQ module that renders as a collapsable accordion menu.

Feature Box

Specify an icon, link, text and short description to generate a simple feature box.


An advanced media gallery with loads of features. Great for displaying images and video libraries.

Google Analytics

Easily add Google Analytics to your site simply by adding your GA UID.


A configurable header allowing you to create an advanced header. Commonly used for the home page or other main pages on your site.

Hello World

An example module for developers learning about SonicJs' module development system.


A WYSIWYG editor for adding html content to your columns. Various WYSIWYG options are supported.


Add a single image to a page column. The image can optionally open in a modal on click or link to another page.

Keep Alive

A module that will keep your website from sleeping on Heroku and other free hosting platforms.


Add a menu to your site that is not part of the theme. Commonly used for sidebar navigation.

Menu Title

Automatically generate a menu based on the title (h1, h2, h3, etc) tags on the current page. Great for enabling anchor based navigation on long content pages.


Add shortcode tags that can be rendered as complex html. Great for simplifying complex html layouts by allowing you to break them down into smaller component and reuse them in multiple places on your website. 


Integration with SmartLook user behavior, user session recording analyzer. Great for understanding how users are interacting with you website.


A simple spacer for adding vertical gaps between modules. Modules can also use bootstrap css classes so this module is often not necessary, but can be useful in some scenarios.


Add raw html text that will be rendered as html or simple text copy to your columns.


Add titles (h1, h2, h3, etc) and specify anchor ids and horizontal alignment. 


Add a Video with built in player to your website.


Display a Youtube video to your site.

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